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African Culture Through Design

Cece Finery is deeply committed to showcasing the vibrant culture and creativity of Africa through our handmade designs. Each creation reflects the essence of CeCe’s West African heritage, and it is a dedication to supporting the local professional artisans that help
bring these designs to life.

Wearing a Cece Finery piece is not just about fashion; it's a statement that educates others about the incredible skills, innovation, and craftsmanship present in the African continent. We aim to shift the narrative away from perceiving Africa solely as a source of riches for the
Western world.

Crafted in limited quantities each season, our pieces serve as ambassadors of African culture, igniting meaningful conversations and fostering appreciation for the continent's rich heritage.



This collection is a heartfelt ode to the styles and fashions of my childhood in Cameroon. Inspired by how my aunts used to adorn themselves.

This range reconnects with the vibrant, African aesthetic of my upbringing, where every piece is a reflection of a magnificent and fashionable era, reimagined for today's world. Join me on a nostalgic journey back to the roots of African elegance.

About Cece

I'm Cecile Essono, a fashion stylist or the Afro-chic queen as my peers call me.

Originally from Cameroon and now based in London. Cece Finery was born from the desire to present West African fashion and accessories in a fresh light for city living.

Over the last decade, working closely with African and Caribbean designers, I noticed a growing wave of overlooked African-made creations.

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   A wearable piece of art, I love it!


Absolutely stunning, perfect for a lovely day out to put your phone, keys, small makeup bag and other little bits.
Fabulous design looks just as it does in the photo.
Only little issues was one of the magnetic poppers is ever so slightly off centre so does not stay in place but otherwise I am very pleased with my purchase.
Wonderfully packaged.
Fast delivery.
I would order again from this seller without hesitation.


super nice skirt! very happy customer!!


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