CECE FINERY is : a new brand and platform that specialises in contemporary   fashion accessories for the modern mind. 

 With focus on our best sellers colourful, handcrafted, stylish and easy to wear handbags.

"Every design sold on CECE FINERY tells a stylish cultural story "       



Afro-chic is a lifestyle that cherishes consumption, embracing the finest traditional and cultural aspects of African design and lifestyle, promoting them worldwide. Our creations are handcrafted, contemporary, fashion-forward, and adhere to ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

 Africa is a continent of 54 countries. Regrouping more than 3000 tribes and 2000 spoken languages. With Cameroon alone counting more than 200 ethnies and spoken languages, that gives the sense of the extremely rich and diverse culture Afro-chic wants to share with the world.

About Cece

Cecile Essono, or Cece is a fashion stylist and self-proclaimed Afro-chic queen, originally from Cameroon and now based in beautiful London. Cece Finery was born from the desire to present West African fashion and accessories in a fresh light for modern city living.

Over the last decade, working closely with African and Afro-Caribbean designers, Cece noticed a growing wave of overlooked African-made creations. These styles focus on eco-friendly, and sustainable methods, deeply rooted in West African culture. Despite aligning with the emerging trend of conscious consumption and the increasing demand for African-made goods, they're often forgotten.

Cece Finery aims to bridge Western fashion influences with African cultural craftsmanship, creating a cross-cultural lifestyle known as Afro-chic. Each design sold on Cece Finery tells a stylish cultural story, offering a fun, authentic, and meaningful fashion choice. Together, we preserve ancestral methods while embracing ultra-stylish looks.