CECEFINERY is the new online store aiming to provide you with the best of Afrochic accessories. While redefining what has been known or not about African fashion. 

CECEFINERY.COM brings you a curated selection of some of the best Afrochic fashion and accessories. Whether African, or Afro-Caribbean inspired,

Every design sold on CECEFINERY.COM tells a stylish cultural story            


Afrochic is the lifestyle where we value the consumption, we wear, buy and promote the best traditional and cultural ways of Africa, Afro-Caribbean Design and lifestyle to the world. Very fashion forward, yet incredibly sustainable and environmental friendly. 

 Africa is a continent of 54 countries. Regrouping more than 3000 tribes and 2000 spoken languages. That gives the sense of the extremely rich and diverse culture Afrochic wants to share with the world.

We aim to work with designers who truly care about preserving the art of traditional and cultural making for the modern fashion conscious woman.

Join the movement ! Be your best Afrochic self