• At Cefinery we pride ourself to be as Sustainable as possible and always looking to improve.
      •  Most of our designs are handmade. With our wax prints left-over fabrics used to make our hoops earrings range. And coconuts shells are transformed to make our coconut accessories. That are old African recycling methods, yet new and innovative ways to help save our planet.  
      • Being eco conscious is much easier than most think. And looking back, many African cultural ways unconsciously live by it.
    • All our bags and skirts are handmade and Hand finished; the cut edges  and stitched by hand for a neater and more elegant finish. This is a traditional process that adds a real sense of craftsmanship to our pocket squares.
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    • Cherish Materials & Cultural Craft

      Since launching a year ago, we decided to honour the importance of timeless African craft, design and take pride in hand finished quality, for colourful and lasting pieces.

  • Colours and Patterns 

    Every season, we bring a new range of our most popular design  :

    The Jute Bag. It come with different options of prints and variants.

    Available in continuous and varied pattern throughout the year, The Jute bag also has additional matching Bangles and Earrings.

    Key Features

        1. 100% cotton mutlicolor Ankara Fabric,
        2. Jute for our bags, which is the name of the plant or fibre used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth and is stronger than Cotton fibre. 
        3. Other materials used are recycled wood, electric cables, coconut shells, glass beads, resin, organic paint, fallen nuts from trees, raffia.
        4. All our pieces are hand-finished for the highest standard and get a final check before being shipped.