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Handmade Aso-oke African Tote bag.

Aso-Oke is a very traditional material, specially and generally hand-woven on wooden looms — a process that remains unchanged for centuries, by the second largest tribe in the south-west Nigeria, Yoruba.

This particular fabric is often worn as a celebration cloth on special occasions and important events. Also-oke also roughly translates as ‘clothes from the up-country’.

Aso-oke weaving, is the most important part of the process, it is a delicate chore. The weaver deftly presses down on the pedals of the ‘orun’ and uses their hands to weave the material to create the signature designs in a variety of colours.

So, as a brand passionate about the forgotten or deeply African designing methods, we brought you our very own handwoven Tote in this exceptional fabric.


-This bag comes with an inside pocket.
-Top Zip
-Available in 4 colours!
-Stamped with our brand logo.

*Size M
Height: 11” / 28cm
Length: 15.5” / 40cm
Depth: 5.5" / 14cm
Strap: Maximum length: 8''/ 20Cm

This bag will fit a laptop, cardholder, books, keys, phones, makeup essentials.
Keep it hanging or separated from other items.

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